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Option for Gateway Fees

  • Mohammad Owais shared this idea 6 years ago
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Tax option is not good for charging fees, It will be best if there is any option available if we mark it then payment fees deducted from client end not from merchant end.
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    Define tax only for payment gateway
    I have two options for payment. One option haven't taxes but the other option have a chrage for me around 8%I need to set taxes but only for one of the payment Gateway. So, I want to add tax just if my customers select a specific payment option, but have no extra taxes for the other payment option.I searched about it on the internet and I see that many people need a similar solution. I think it would be interesting if you can think about the development of this option.Thanks in advance!


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Our module Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS will do the job for you:
Thats paid, I checked this module, it's a great module but i want some thing which come built inside WHMCS and will be free.

And it will be more best if fees are not show on whmcs cart or checkout, just some changes, through which all fees's are deducted from client end.