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Only display applicable servers in Network Status

We are regularly contacted by clients who have seen a notice on our "Network Status" page, but it relates to a server they do not have an active service on. This wastes our time, and gives the client a negative impression if they mistakenly think a network issue is impacting their service.

Network issues with a "server" type should not be displayed to applicable clients (those who have an active hosting service on that server).


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In addition - we should be able to select multiple servers if the network issue relates to multiple instances.... it's time wasting to have to duplicate the issue for each server....
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.

At present any notifications related to the client's applicable servers will be highlighted at the top of the page.
I will be interested to see if other users share interest in hiding unrelated announcements entirely.
Hi there,

The network status page should have a lot of improvements, I think could be able to add uptimerobot inside of the network status page and allow us to disable our services. I also think that if the service or network outage is related to the customer then should only show them an announcement if it affects them and shouldn't show services that don't affect them. This is my opinion.