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Metric usage billing - Please allow more than two decimal places

Referenced feature:

Scenario, using two metric billing options:

Disk Space

We need to allow a price of 6 decimal places please (currently it only allows 2 decimal places).
Granted the invoice created for the client to pay, would be rounded to 2 decimal places (as most fiat currency only transact to 2 decimal places).

However, I've very often seen the calculations (prior to the final 2-decimal invoice) using multiple decimal places.

Here's an example:

Client uses 3.4GB of storage space.
Client uses 583MB of transfer.

Storage space used cost is $2.235135 per GB or part thereof. (Therefore $2.235135 x 4GB).
Transfer (bandwidth) used cost is $0.048632 per GB or part thereof. (Therefore $0.048632 x 1GB).

Monthly bill to client is calculated as $8.94054 (storage) and $0.048632 (transfer/bandwidth) = Total of $8.99 (as invoice should display 2 decimals rounded up).

Case in point here, a storage cost of $2.34 ($2.34 x 4GB) would be invoiced as $9.36 - It should be $8.99!! ($2.235135 x 4GB)

I have seen others use 6 decimal places in prices, and it allows for a better cost to clients, at a more competitive rate (than only 2 decimal places in the pricing).

A suggestion, we should be able to specify 6 decimal places for those of us who need this.

Thanks for hearing me out on this. Appreciated!

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