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Mass Reply to Tickets

  • DavidBee shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Admin Area

I would like the ability to reply to many tickets with the same message. I think this feature would save time and would come in very useful when having network/server issues.

I have nothing really else to add. Simple but useful feature. :)


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This is a fundamental part of most ticketing systems. Kayako has had it since 2004 when we installed that version. Here's my vote for +1 to this feature.
I agree, I used previous ticket systems before and they all had this feature to send the same reply to one or more tickets.

This feature is really a must be, in particular when you have problems and get tickets you need to inform all users with the same message instead of having to cut and paste on each ticket individually.

WHMCS should allow this when you select tickets. All you can do right now with selected tickets is delete them, merge, close and block. It would be nice to have a mass reply button there.

I'm impressed more people did not requested this already.