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Mark Email Address As Verified

As an admin importing data from another WHMCS installation or external billing system and dealing with email verification of imported accounts, it would be beneficial for me for a button to be present in the "Resend Email Verification" that says, "Mark As Verified".

Take for instance email verification.

The goal is to ensure that email addresses used for accounts/orders are valid and reachable.

Now, remember that the WHMCS Import does not do selective importing.

It means that when you use it, you carry over all the baggage from an old WHMCS that may have been existing for the past 10 years into a new system.

The best option for this scenario is to manually add existing customers to a new WHMCS.

When you do and also want new customers to validate/verify their email addresses, you have to also ask customers who have been with you for 7+ years to do the same.


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