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Enable Whois server query with arguments

  • PaterNosta shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Domains
  • 1 Comment

Currently it is not possible to execute the Whois server query with specific arguments.

Example of such a Whois query:
whois -h -R

It would be good if WHMCS would offer this configuration possibility.


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Hi there,
Thanks for submitting this idea. To help everyone understand the need for this feature, can you share with us an example scenario where this is needed?
Is there a particular whois server which needs an argument to be passed in the whois request? To the best of my knowledge, the .com whois server from your example does not.
Of course. The URL above is just an example that does not exist.

I want to use the whois server of my domain registrar. This urgently requires passing the parameter "-r" for recursive to search for an domain outside the registrar's own domain database.
If I pass the request without parameter "-r" like today, only the internal database of the registrar will be searched.
Hi PaterNosta,
If you're using your registrar to check domain availability, the best option would be via the CheckAvailability function in the registrar module instead: