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Digital Signatures on Documents preventing Fraudulant transactions

  • Himanshu Kapoor shared this idea 6 years ago
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When a customer purchases a product, the invoice sent to the email of the customer should have the option to digitally sign it, in response generating a copy of signed invoice being attached to the customer's account on WHMCS for every purchase. Thus helping in situations of fraud control and similar disputes.

There are multiple companies offering a solution of this kind, like RightSignature and DocuSign etc., they may be able to provide an API and a separate module enabling this can be added.

This can also be enhanced by adding additional documents like Terms and Condition agreement etc.


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Hi Himanshu,
Thanks for sharing this idea. Would it be fair to say that the desire here is to provide some method of establishing that the person who placed the order is the card holder/bank account owner, thereby empowering you to more effectively respond to disputes from payment processors? Put PGP Signatures on emails sent by WHMCS and digitally signed invoices aside for the purposes of this discussion.

A signature on a document is potentially one option, as that may match specimens held by the bank..but not digital wallets like PayPal. As a internet business ourselves, we have used various solutions to this problem in the past, including scans of a physical payment agreement document and digital signatures. This does help reduce chargebacks amongst those who sign such an agreement, but there are downsides.

Recently we've had success with collecting photos of ID documentation (rather than a signature) via the service The validation can be done from any device with a camera and is typically priced lower than the big-name digital signing options (once you include API access).
Customers find it easy to get free service by signing up, consuming the service, and then telling their bank they don't recognize the charge. There is nothing we can do about this, the bank ALWAYS favors their customer. If only I had their digital signature, they wouldn't be able to try this.

It has become mandatory for us send Digitally Signed invoices to few of our MNC clients. This feature will be very helpful to avoid lot of manual invoicing requiring Digitally Signatures.

This request is pending since 4+ years and should be given due importance.

Thank you!
We use WHMCS as our main CRM. We build websites and provide seo services along with hosting & domains. We're unable to create contracts and have clients digitally sign through whmcs which we wish was possible.

I also mentioned the implementation of legal titles of customers to make contracts legally binding i.e. MR/MRS/MS etc...
I guess that this issue should be merged with:

As far as I see here this should be something really easy to add to WHMCS invoices.
By the way - As far as I know having the invoice secured with a digital signatures /electronic signature is mandatory by law in lots of places - right?

We have requirement of signing invoices digitally for GST. If this can be achieved by adding a module then it would be great. I came across a 5-year-old thread and not sure it will help. []
This would be a great addition - although probably best handled by a 3rd-party who writes modules for WHMCS (unless the WHMCS folks want to write their own with sub-modules for the different signature companies). In any case, having digital signatures is a must nowadays.