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Write documents and export to PDF - additional feature to ticket system

Tapeix shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Something brand new: I would like to write documents (that cannot be send by e-mail, like classified private information etc.) and export it to PDF, in order to print and send it to my client personally.

So, in summary, I would like to:

- Write documents

- In our own branding (documentspdf.tpl should be adjustable, just like invoicepdf.tpl)

- With it's own counting system

- Automatically assign client details into the letter

Why would I like to have such feature? Because Microsoft Word cannot import client information straight from WHMCS. It's such a hassle to keep copying client information from WHMCS to Word. Beside, I believe that such system would be a great addition to keep your documents a client organized.

Suggestions? Post them below.