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Encrypted Website Payments (EWP) Setting in Paypal

Pushkar Dhawale shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

In testing WHMCS on my website, I am directed to a URL that has code=EWP_SETTINGS appended to the URL.

The EWP setting in PayPal means Encrypted Website Payments. Please see attached screenshot with an explanation. I have this set to ON all the time since past 5 years or so. Never had an issue with it.

Previously, I was using Prestashop Ecommerce for shopping cart and online payments and it always worked for 5 or more years.

Now, I have moved on to WHMCS for managing my domain and hosting business and online payments this year on Jan 2017.

Anyways, If I turn off this EWP setting then the paypal link works for me. But, this is just a workaround. I want EWP setting turned ON because I need encryption for all my payments to be secure online.

Can you please investigate for me, why WHMCS is not able to handle encryption EWP Setting?

Can this be related to the PayPal product that I am using? I am currently using "PayPal Payments / Website Standard" module of PayPal (available in WHMCS Payment Gateway options) to integrate WHMCS with Paypal.

Shouldn't your paypal module support EWP Setting by default to offer secure payments via paypal?

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Yes +1. Please start WHMCS to support EWP = ON (Block Non-encrypted) for PayPal


My customers are blocked and the beauty of the errors in the link, says it all:

I had opened a support request, and no one seems to know about this issue.

  1. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart/error?flowlogging_id=411d94a2e226e&code=EWP_SETTINGS