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One Page Order Form Template

Jiwan Neupane shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I need Custom Order Form like:https://www.geekstorage.com/order/web-hosting.html

Its possible to arrange?

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Bring this to life.


Seriously, it is pending from a very very long time. Seems now I have to hire a developer to do this for me and I am paying $40/month to whmcs. :-( This is getting hard day by day.


The WHMCS platform allows for 100s of different product configurations, including addons, domains, bundles and more. Creating a single page order workflow that supports all of these scenarios is very technically difficult.

That said, the APIs are made available to allow you to build a custom order form. Many of our customers do that as it helps create a unique experience for their brand, and with a limited set of products and defined requirements, it is far easier to create a single page checkout experience.

At only 60 votes over a 6 year period, this remains a little requested feature at this time and there are other items with far more requests we must consider first.