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whmcs cpanel module to match reseller features

Denver Prophit Jr. shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

cPanel invested in whmcs.com and according to whmcs ticket AYF-307515 is not capable of manipulating reseller data. That can only mean that the features and capabilities of whmcs do not fully match the capabilities of WHM/cPanel. At least as far as the reseller suite of account features.

Can you work on bringing those closer together?

About the issue:

WHM/cPanel allows you to limit reseller by X number of global hosting packages. You can also set the number of max packages per global package name.

In WHMCS.com we limit accounts by 1. We set up configurable qty options with a price to increment how many accounts they want to resell so that they are not stuck with extras up front that have not been sold. That lowered the initial investment to become a hosting reseller.

We would want the max resell account limit incremented by the new order once approved and manipulate that data in WHM/cPanel reseller data to reflect the new global packages that were ordered.