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Adjust product stock levels when invoicing from quotes and billable items

zitu4life shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Hi to all

Having a business managed in a centralized platform is one of the key off success. Stock control is important in so many way, so it is also very important. WHMCS is an amazing solution even for other industries rather than webhosting, but Stock Control should be take a look by developers. I will point a case and hope other users also think it is important and vote to attract attention by developers.

Stock Control will only automate (decrease level) if a product is bought by add order from client side or admin side.

No other way to reduce level unless you do it 100% manually, but 100% manually is not core of WHMCS.

Product can be added from quote accepted by client and also converted to invoice, if this is the case this mean it is validated. Sometimes quotes take lot of days to be accepted, so product stock could not be available, but there is always to core business to check it before convert it to invoice or prompt with some alert. The way it work now, if your product is not a service you will have a case when you sold a product out and you stock do not registered it. for service could not cause issues, but for product could be an management issue.

If we use add billable items and convert to invoice and than it get paid, stock will also not be decrease level, once again if it is a product instead of service could be a management issue.

Manual Invoice do not prompt for pre-defined product list, so will no complain.

Every time we add an order accepted it will be displayed on client summary page, and if its a product (200 units)? it will also be displayed on client summary page, and there is no way to hide it if we want, WHMCS could create a option on order page to allow you hide it from client page. There is also a hook created that can do that, so it is possible to implement by developers. Why it is important also for WHMCS, imagine for support agent that receives a ticket open and client has 200 produts displayed, perhaps it can take more time to analise possible client claim.