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White list users to use a given payment solutions

brendan shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like the ability to assign a payment solution to a customer.

For instance,

1. Any customer may use: PayPal & Bank Transfer.

2. Only Known customers may use our CC gateway.

We have a PSP that wants us to whitelist our users who use our gateway - if we don't, they run extraordinary checks on the users making payments and we end up with a large percentage of failures.

Would be great to be able to assign a payment solution to our known users...

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I wrote this quite late, the premise is to offer a method where we can opt to only show a payment gateway to a customer if they have been moderated.

I would imagine this would have two parts:

1. An option on the configgateways.php page allowing us to set the method to "moderate" or "white list".

2. : A method on the customer account page that allows us to activate moderated payment methods for the customer. <list moderated payment options>

Compliance for our one card payment solution has come back and stated that if this is implemented, they will remove some risk checks which are causing a headache at the moment with our pre-existing clients.