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Warning notifications so domains don't expire by accident if the system malfunctions

Mark Krieger shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We just had an issue where a client's domain wasn't invoiced even though the Next Due Date shown had passed. Tech support looked into it and it seemed that the internal Next Invoice Date had way advanced to where it should have been.

These two are separate internally and show different times when a domain renewal has been billed but not paid yet.

We only caught the issue because of the 7 day expiry e-mail from the domain's registrar and I was pretty sure the domain was not supposed to be expiring and the client is on auto-credit-card payments.

Since it seems that they can get out of sync internally it would be great if a cron check is run to make sure they are in proper sync - or maybe to make sure that an invoice has been issued once the days in the settingSync Next Due DateEnable - Number of Days to Set Due Date in Advance of Expiry:has been passed according to the next due date and either sends an admin e-mail or opens a ticket if there is a problem so it can be checked into without a client possibly losing a domain.