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View/Search Clients >>possibility to hide client email for staff or other limetd users

zitu4life shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

In Admin MENU\Clients we have some clients information like FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, COMPANY, EMAIL, SERVICES, ETC, ETC.

Whould be very helpfull if we can manage what those information to show and what to HIDE, expecially EMAIL.

Example: I create a limited login user, and I want this staff user to have acess to client information like name and services, but not to have access to email adress, and for now its is impossible because these info are proteted by ioncube.

EMAIL adress is a sensitive information, and to protect client privacy whould be very nice to have option to hide this for any kind of login different than ADMIN.

Whould be very nice in next update to have this future.

Thank you