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Using multiple WHMCS instances with GoCardless

cyberhostpro shared this idea 6 months ago
Under Consideration

Gocardless only works with 1 whmcs install, configuring it on a second install will break it on the other install.

When I setup Gocardless and it does its call back it only works on one of the WHMCS installs

ie WHMCS 1 will work, once we setup gocardless on WHMCS 2 then transactions will fail on WHMCS1 with error:

Access token not active - Access token not active

I then go to payment gateways > gocardless and click configure, it'll connect to gocardless gateway and recreated the token.

This then breaks it on WHMCS2.

I'm guessing its because it creates an app called WHMCS with gocardless, it would be ideal if this could be

1) customised

2) changed to use WHMCS_DOMAIN_NAME so both apps are unique.

as of right now we are unable to charge DD's on WHMCS2