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Upgrade / Setup Fee

David Stone shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We need an upgrade fee or a set up fee on upgrade option.

Our scenario: We offer a free (30 day) product to our customers with no setup fee.

After 30 days we force the client to upgrade to a paying product; however, with the current system no setup fee can be applied because the client has already been set up.

So what we need is like a upgrade / setup fee option.

I could just be a checkbox apply set up fee to upgrade.

Or if you want you can add an additional upgrade fee to the pricing.

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Setup fee for upgrades is fine, can prevent so many upgrade request from few clients which can't decide at one.


We also need this feature for the exact same scenario. We offer 60 day free trial and then offer an upgrade to full product at the end of that, which would require a setup fee.


This is an essential feature that WHMCS doesn't have currently. Here is a simpler scenario so it can be understood:

I have 2 packages:

1. $400 Setup and $99/mo

2. $900 Setup and $199/mo

The upgrade/downgrade functionality calculates the exact pro-rated amount for the monthly fee which is great, however here is the problem:

If the client already paid for product 1's $400 Setup and wants to upgrade to product 2, he will only have to pay the difference ($500) as opposed to the full $900.

Also, if the client is already at product 2 and wants to downgrade to product 1, he wouldn't have to pay a setup fee at all.

This means that the current upgrade/downgrade functionality can only be used for products with monthly fees and no setup. Please add this feature as our customers cannot upgrade or downgrade.



Thanks your suggesting this idea. Due to lack of interest, this suggestion is being archived.

However a similar function could potentially be achieved by way of the available developer tools; specifically the OrderProductUpgradeOverride action hook point can be used to manipulate the upgrade order amount so as to add an upgrade fee.