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Uninvoiced Items - View Due Date in Columns + Add QTY

Matthew R shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


We rely heavily on billable items for one of our hosted phone services. Due to the nature in which we are billed it requires that each month we manually enter 5 or so lines that need to be billed back to the client.

Because there a few for each client mistakes can be made. A common example is not setting the due date correct. This then causes an invoice generation issue.

Any easy way to correct this would be to add a column on the billable area ab for the client and also in the Billing -> Uninvoiced Items screen. This would allow a quick review of the data entry to ensure all match.

While on this topic, it would be super awesome if we could also put in a QTY field. The current QTY is for hours and wants to multiply the rate. We just need a simple QTY so we could enter something line 5 QTY - Digital Lines @ $xx.xx and have it calculate for us. Currently we have to put it all in the description, its ok but the client loses the per item cost in the process.

Screens attached of both requests. Thanks for the consideration.

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This will be very useful for me too. I need the due date column to be included in the Uninvoiced Items report. Thank you!


Checking in on this one.