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Uncheck "send mail" by default

Vaibhav Batra shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

there should be an option to uncheck the "send mail" by default while creating a new support ticket in admin area.

There are times that we have to create some internal tickets and do not want to send an email reminder to client or client just do not wish to receive the ticket reminders.

Also I have noticed that if we uncheck "send mail" while creating a ticket then there is no option to start the ticket notifications for respective ticket again

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The send mail option is relevant only when you open a new ticket - if you remove the send mail check it will cause the first email not to be sent, but after that every other reply in the ticket system - will be sent to the customer.

If you don't want to send a mail when opening a ticket (whether the send mail in checked or unchecked) - you can do it like that:

Go to setup-> Email Templates

select the Support Ticket Opened email template and set it to Disable - thus the first mail when opening a ticket will never be sent.

All the next replies will be sent to the customer without a problem (as long as the Support Ticket Reply template is not disabled).