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Tiered Pricing for Prodcuts and Configurable Addons

Matthew R shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration


We sell helpdesk support services and WHMCS has been a fantastic tool over the years to manage our clients invoicing and support needs at a fraction of the cost of expensive PSA's style systems.

One of the challenges we have run into for a few years is the ability to offer tiered level pricing. This is in fact how we bill our clients, but we have not been able to automate the billing side as neatly as we would like.

Here is an example.

We sell a base service plan that includes a bunch of great features. The price is dictated by the quantity of supported users + servers + and a few other addons if needed.

We offer discounted tiers based on the quantity of supported users.

No way to accommodate this in WHMCS other than a custom addon which we have to manually adjust.

It would be neat to have a tiered pricing option we could program so we can simply update the quantity field and re-calc to get an accurate price.

There are sevearl other areas of our business that could use this style of pricing flexability as well.