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Ticket loop detection

Michael shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

I know there is a limit email limit per hour but if 2 WHMCS instances are talking to each other (in our case to handle an abuse complaint) a ticket loop is the result.

There should be a mechanism to prevent this (for example let "Ticket-ID" only be once in subject)

Otherwise we are flooded over and over with new ticket confirmations and subject lines will look like this:

Subject: [Ticket ID: 20150789283] [Ticket ID: 903590] [Ticket ID: 20150732282] [Ticket ID: 646843] [Ticket ID: 20150710281] [Ticket

ID: 767584] [Ticket ID: 20150718280] [Ticket ID: 466939] [Ticket ID: 20150733279] [Ticket ID: 525363] [Ticket ID: 20150790278] [Ticket

ID: 212416] [Ticket ID: 20150750277] [Ticket ID: 326538] [Ticket ID: 20150794276] [Ticket ID: 355358] [Ticket ID: 20150796275] [Ticket

ID: 494323] [Ticket ID: 20150795274] [Ticket ID: 809535] [Ticket ID: 20150784273] [Ticket ID: 353435] [Ticket ID: 20150734272] [Ticket

ID: 163094] [Ticket ID: 20150740271] [Ticket ID: 572892] [Ticket ID: 20150723270] [Ticket ID: 314180] [Ticket ID: 20150778269] [Ticket

ID: 280553] [Ticket ID: 20150755268] [Ticket ID: 360197] [Ticket ID: 20150772267] [Ticket ID: 694095] [Ticket ID: 20150785266] [Ticket

ID: 705759] [Ticket ID: 20150734265] [Ticket ID: 592094] [Ticket ID: 20150721264] [Ticket ID: 296170] [Ticket ID: 20150733263]

[Ticket ID:

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This causes a huge headache for our WHMCS helpdesk as many of our customers also use WHMCS.


The current protection against ticket looping is detection of more than 10 emails received from the same email address within a 15 minute window. Just to clarify what you're asking for here is to ignore all emails where '[Ticket ID: xxx]' appears more than once in the subject line and to silently ignore the email?