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Terminate and refund, promotions, client group, better module log

ExpertHost Romania shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

After browsing different request I didn't found something similar so I'd suggest some, experience based.

1. Terminate and refund: I guess it will be extremely useful to have a way to cancel/terminate a service and have automatically calculate amount to be refunded, eventually based on payment gateway (for fees @ transactions tab).

2. Promotions: Have you ever try to setup a promotion that applies to multiple packages and wanted to choose different billing cycles? Unfortunately cannot be done at once but rather setup different types (ex: free domain/certain discount for minimum semi-annually on plan A, quarterly on plan B or at least annually for package C). Not even product bundles has this ability.

3. Client group: a simple checkbox do automatically add a client to group X when 'something' accours ( A money spent or being client for B months, or having C active domains registered with you .. and so on [plenty variables])

4. better module log: Getting an error such "(Curl Error) couldn't connect to host - code: 7" it useful but well .. on which server ? When you have only 1 or 2 servers could be easy to find which one but when you manage more ?


Apologies for not opening multiples requests and having all compacted here but if you consider so, please split it.

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Really, nobody faced those needs nor trying some of above features and think that could be improved ?


Are there any updates from WHMCS regarding this suggestion?

This will benefit probably almost every provider which wants to do pay-for-time billing.


Real useful improvements. Devs should consider.