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Temporary Password Notification for Clients

jas8522 shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Once a user has reset their password and logged back in to the client panel to do whatever they initially set out to accomplish, I would like to have a way to easily remind/alert the client to the fact that they should change their password.

Process flow is currently as follows:

  1. Client attempts to login, but cannot remember password
  2. Client finds the 'forgot your password' option and chooses to reset it
  3. Customer visits their email, finds the temporary password and logs in to their client panel
  4. Client then completes whatever they initially set out to do in the client panel

This is great, but is missing one crucial step. Once the password is reset they have the ability to then complete their initial 'mission' whether that be changing the configuration of a package or adding a new contact to their account. By the time they're done doing what they set out to do, they have very likely forgotten to change their temporary password to something they can better remember.

This means that the next time they want to login, they still are unable to do so (it's not like they're going to remember the random character password we provided them during the reset) and they end up resetting their password yet again. This is how end-user frustration sets in; never being able to login with whatever they think the password is.Although a reminder is included in my email template as part of the email that is sent out notifying the user of their password reset, often people simply just grab the new password and delete or archive the email.


My suggestion is to introduce a boolean variable to the template area entitled something like temppassword. When the user resets their password, this is set to true. It remains true until the user then manually sets their password to something different.In this way, we can include a section in the client area with something like:

  1. {if $client.temppassword} Your password has been reset. Please <a href="clientarea.php?action=changepw">update your password</a> to something more memorable. This notification will disappear once you have done so. {/if}