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Invoice Filtering and Tax Reporting; filter between dates and add additional fields

Mohammed AlHelali shared this idea 1 year ago
Already Possible

We encountered a problem with vat.gov.sa days ago to calculate TAX for the period 06/06/2018 - 31/10/2018

The reason for these problems is whmcs in paid invoices:

- Can not export PDF / Excel- In the filter there is no date to date

- There are important and necessary missing columns (total amount without tax , total with tax , tax). These columns must be included, and the total amounts for each column must be calculated at the end of the required period.

- Also incomplete column (company name) This is required and very necessary

- whmcs does not have the advantage of purchases or expenses, so work is easier.

As you know, VAT always asks:

- income: Name of the person / company name / Invoice number / Date of invoice / Date of payment / Amount without tax / Amount with tax / tax

- Expenses: The name of the supplier / invoice number in the supplier system / date / service / amount without tax / amount with the tax / tax.

We hope you vote to provide this feature in whmcs it's important and necessary.

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I'm pleased to advise that WHMCS includes a number of reports which can fill these requirements:

  1. Invoices can be exported between two dates via Reports >PDF Batch
  2. Invoice summaries, including all the information listed can be exported via the Reports > Invoices export report.
  3. A summary of tax liability per invoice by period can be exported via Reports > Sales Tax Liability

All reports are unencoded, so can be customised to meet your specific requirements: https://docs.whmcs.com/Reports#Customising_Reports

And finally; WHMCS doesn't currently have an expense tracking feature, but please do join the discussion for this feature request: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/expense-balance-feature

Explaining what kind of reporting would be beneficial to you were this feature implemented, is helpful for us to know.