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Support Tickets: Improved display of who you're communicating with

jas8522 shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

There are a few different cases when attempting to have a conversation with someone via support ticket where our staff provide poor customer recognition (calling one customer by another name). This occurs because WHMCS is showing either the emailer (non client) or the Client, but often not both when it is often quite necessary to show both. The following are some recommendations for how this could be fixed.

Problem Description

One possible case of this is where a client has registered an account in another person's name, but using their own email address. This often occurs when two people use the same email address. Ex: both Roy and Courtney are using [email protected]

Roy creates the ticket, but because Courtney's name is entered for the Client information within WHMCS which is associated with [email protected], WHMCS shows Courtney as the person updating the ticket on the left side of the ticket update.

Therefore when we respond to the ticket, we often mistake Roy for Courtney and address the ticket to her even though the signature might have said Roy (or no name at all). In this case it would have been better for us to have not specified a name at all than it was for us to use Courtney's name.

Suggestions for Improvement

To eliminate these kinds of issues, I suggest that instead of having the Client or sub-account showing per-ticket update, we instead show this at the top of the ticket in the admin area. I believe the best spot for this would be above the list of services the client has with us. After all, the entire ticket becomes associated with the client, not just one response.

This area (above the list of services) would indicate the Client that owns it along with any email addresses which are cc'd on the ticket (including those cc'd by the initial submission of the ticket, if by email). It would also show those sub-accounts which are subscribed to ticket notifications just so we can be sure of who sees the updates to the message. We may also want the ability to selectively not CC those sub-accounts, but that's another feature request for another time.


The area beside each update that is currently showing the Client name (if associated) would instead show the name and email address as provided by the submitter. If the update came from someone who specifies their name like "John Smith" <[email protected]> then we see that info -- both the name and email address. It would then indicate if it's a client or sub-account of any given client below that information.

If there is no email address immediately associated because the user is updating from within WHMCS client area, then simply show the account or sub-account here as well.

Since we already have a link to the client the ticket is associated with above, we don't need that in each update any longer.


I believe that these minor adjustments (overall) would make working with tickets (particularly ticket ownership) much more straightforward and help to ensure that we call our clients by the right name!