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Support Ticket Enhancements - Expenses, Time Tracking, Purchase Orders, RMA

Matt shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great to see some of these features added into the admin side of the support ticketing system built into WHMCS.

Expenses - A tab on the ticket admin side where we can record expenses against a users account for things such as shipping, parts, labor, etc. This would include who the vendor or supplier is the cost of the expense, etc. This would also have a corresponding reports.

Time Tracking - Better time tracking to enable tracking of actual effort put into a ticket by support staff. Perhaps this can be real time when a ticket is being view timer starts automatically and is logged on the admin end to see how much effort it put into the ticket. This could include a clock in / clock out button and perhaps could display real time the current support administrator working on the ticket? Would also have corresponding reports.

Purchase Orders - This option would be amazing. Does not necessarily have to be in the admin ticket display side of things but could be a module where we could attach it to a corresponding support ticket. This would be great feature to have in-case you needed to purchase something for a support ticket or client and keep record of the expense by that client and support ticket number and send it to the supplier to be processed. Suppliers/Vendors could be added on the fly and and email would be sent to them with a PDF purchase order attached to the email. This would all be generated from the admin side. It would record history of all purchase orders and there amounts. We could include a ship to option with the option to request blind shipping to an end user. Corresponding reports would also be included, which would include the total expenses for client, etc.

RMA's - It would be great to create an RMA, either a advanced RMA or standard RMA right from the admin panel in the support ticket. This would show up as a tab and the RMA could be started there. If this could be integrated with UPS, Fedex, and USPS to generate a return label to return the product to specified address. When processed it would send the user a custom specified message to the ticket which includes an attached return label and then it would record the expense for the shipping for our record in reports as part of an expense for that account/user.

Any other input or suggestions would be appreciated but I think these are a few features that would be great for WHMCS and the users.If someone wants to develop these for us, I would be more then willing to compensate for it.

Thanks again!

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This would be a spectacular improvement for the ticketing system.

I am totally for this request - I use WHMCS for my manage services company.

I will add that in time tracking, it would be amazing to have a threshold wherein if the customer pays for 10 hours of support, while time is still tracked, it won't bill until their time exceeds that 10 hours.