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Summary Invoice (Example: One invoice per month)

Bhavesh Raja shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Every time customers orders and pays in WHMCS an invoice is created but it happens often that a customer orders multiple domains and services in a month. This creates an hassle of lots of orders, invoices and emails and despite that hassle for us in accounting and book keeping. Well in general its awesome we do lots of business with automation and WHCS but it just creates lots of administration.

Example: I have customers who I trust to purchase domains and services, but I don't want to bill them every time they make a purchase. Instead I would like to send a "summary Invoice" containing let say the last months purchases in one single invoice.

It would be awesome if WHMCS could create a Summary invoice per month for a customer making less invoices and accounting tasks and costs.

Some benefits with summary invoice

* Saves on credit card transaction fees

* Reduces the number of generated invoices and emails

* Less number of invoices to accountant and saves costs

* Less amount of printed paper invoices that saves the environment (and filing storage lol)

* Also easier for the customer to receive one invoice instead of every single order

Feature request

* Possible to set maximum amount of "credits" that a customer can spend in your WHMCS before a summary invoice is generated

* Able to set how many times to create a summary invoice for a period of time, example once per month.

* Notify customers if they are reaching their credit limit

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