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Stripe 3D Secure

DaddyBear shared this idea 2 years ago

Stripe now supports 3D secure: https://stripe.com/docs/sources/three-d-secure

As web hosting can be a medium-high risk industry, it would be nice to see this implemented with WHMCS's Stripe support at some point in future.

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3DS is extremely important in today's compliances and mandate for countries like India.

Please update this module with high priority.


steven99 is developing a Stripe Payment Gateway with Stripe.js Elements support. He did not mention 3DS, but he is looking for Beta Testers.

See Stripe Payment Gateway -- Beta testers wanted


Thanks for updating this status to Planned.

I am anticipating that this feature along with the Migrate to Stripe Elements Implementation will land in version 7.8.

Fingers crossed _/\_