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staff account allowing representative that customer accounts have assigned to access just those...

Richard Jones shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if we could have it where staff members can be assigned specific users by a custom field where they can choose who they are working with, and then the system allows that staff member to access JUST those accounts, not the accounts from other reps.

Example of how it could work:

1) Staff has another field of "Reps", so they could be staff and Rep.

2) on registering it could build a list of those who are also tagged as "Rep", and the field will ask the person registering, who, IF ANYONE, is the one they have been working with, default would be the Rep that is also an Affiliate that is cookied, if cookie affiliate is not also a rep, then it could not default to that person, since not in both. (that way reps can use an affiliate link to tag customers as they come in.)

3) Staff that are Reps, can manage all customers that have them selected as the rep.

4) Rep field should be able to be changed ONLY by Admin so we can reassign someone when needed.

5) when Admin adds Rep, if that staff is not active as affiliate, then it should activate them as an affiliate, so they can get credit for their sales they are helping people with.

6) Admin should be able to turn on "logging" so it tracks what Rep is doing in accounts, logging should be Rep specific, so we could choose what it logs with these types of choices: 1) Log Pages Viewed; 2) Log Changes; 3) Log Change Attempts; 4) Log Logins;

(I used to work at A.O.L before highspeed internet came out, and we had a system that logged things we did so oversight could watch what we were doing and other reps could be able to see what was done so they could help as well)

7) Admin should be able to delete Reps and it would show us all those that Rep has assigned, and allow us to change those all to one new person, or pick different Reps, or just Admin, both on a per contact basis... with a select all available so we can select ALL contacts that rep is connected to, and then set who to change all the selected to, or just have each record where we can assign the new Rep, then hit save... so it can be either FAST or just one by one...

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Thanks for your suggestion. Just for reference, here is a discussion from a few years ago on a similal topic: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/ability-to-assign-specific-administrators-to-have-access-to-specific-clients-only