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Space for notifications.

Rick Bauck shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We have all we need to send announcements to customers, either for maintenance or important warning, but most clients say they did not receive or were not warnings.

The excuses are the same: "I have not received", "did not see", "had nothing", etc..

It would be great if WHMCS had an option to Members Area to show how these notifications and only allow the customer to continue after marking a checkbox indicating that you have read the notification.


1) Client performs login to Members Area

2) Client sees the notification

3) Customer mark that you have read the notification

4) Customer is redirected to the home of members area

In the administrative panel of WHMCS could have the option of creating admin notifications to all customers for a single client or group of clients.

This would avoid any excuse that the client could use saying you were not warned.