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Skip Fraud Checks for Free Orders

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to be able to skip fraud check for certain products,

or at least just for the free ones. Because if/when that user upgrades

to a paid product, the fraud check happens again anyway...

there is already a feature for skipping fraud checks for existing clients with orders.

but i keep having a problem where my "free" products sometimes flag as fraud orders.

im not debating that the user location doesnt match, etc. but it doesnt

really matter for free products does it? they can't do anything with

payment fraud if they dont have to pay anything.

i suggest either a general option for this below the skip check for

existing. OR a per product option of skipping the fraud check.

not only would this save hassle, it would also save the maxmind requests and server resources.

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We sell voip true whmcs. In our case It's not a good idea to not make fraud validation. Because before using maxmind our 30 days free trial was abused big time. Now it's real potential customer that try our packages.


I think it's a good thing to offer the admin a per product control. But not base on the cost of pakage control.