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Settings export

Vytautas B shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I believe this would be a very convenient tool for multi WHMCS site management (following my own experience). Running a few WHMCS's with an identical settings and products is very frustrating when it comes to changing something. So basically function of settings export would be appreciated, it should include:

  • WHMCS products export (with addons, configs and bundles)
  • WHMCS settings export
  • Domains list with pricing
  • Admin roles

And other configurations (open for debate) :)

Comments (3)


Yes, it would be very important to include these options in future versions. Thank you.


Yes, I don't see why there isn't an export/import feature... It's standard for web apps like these and shouldn't take too much work to do.


I've been watching this thread hoping for this to become a reality and figured that I would vote in favor of it as well.