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Setting for changing the default invoice sorting

Esteban shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

For long time customers with mont to month invoices, after a few years they get lot of invoices listed at: Portal Home / Client Area / My Invoices

Maybe it will be useful to have a way to set the default invoice sorting (new to old, or old to new) by default for all users, as most of the users are always looking for the new/latest invoices, not the old ones.

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Totally agree! We have changed clientareainvoices.tpl, row 7 to this:

  1. table.order([1, 'desc']);

To get invoices sorted by create date descending. The default sorting is totally worthless for us unfortunately.



After playing for a bit, you can use this to sort by status (unpaid at the top) then date (newest first)

  1. table.order([4, 'asc'], [1, 'desc']);

For example, if a client had 4 invoices, and paid 2 of the newer ones, the new default view would still show the 2 unpaid on the top. followed by cancelled (unfortunately), then paid ordered in date (newest to oldest)