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Seperation of revenue for invoices and credit

Jan Smith shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

At this moment if you use report, you will see that credit are added to your revenue.

If you periodically export your overview for your accountant, he will receive a revenue that is higher.

For example if you have 100 customers all have paid 100 euro credit = € 10.000,-

If they have used that credit during your tax period, then your sales tax report will state that you had € 20.000,- in revenue.

And you are going to pay company / profit tax about that revenue.

A solution is to use only the credit tax as formal invoice ( and VAT tax) and each order paid with credit will receive a transaction slip, deducting the amount.

This has benefit for both your accountant as with the accountant of your customers, because instead receiving invoices for EACH service/domains (some have hundreds) they only receive one for each credit they pay. And have a transaction slip per order for accountability on how credit was used.

Is have seen this topic:


And it makes sense, as only banks can receive money for deposit purposes.