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Select payment gateway per product, not group, including domains

Patty shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be very useful to be able to chose the payment gateway for each product and domain, not per product group, this way we could avoid that, ie, domains couldn't be paid with, ie, credit cards.

When placing the order for two products and choosing a payment that is not activated for one of them, client would see a warning informing he will receive two separate invoices or else chose another payment that is allowed for both products.

I think that is important because selecting the payment gateway per product group doesn't give the option to restrict payment type for one given product inside that group, and having to create another group for that product just because of the type of payment wouldn't be a good alternative. Besides domains don't have that ability anyway.

I hope this can be implemented in a future release.

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This sounds like it would make ordering more difficult and inconvenient.

I have never yet ran into a provider that required me to use different payment types for different products. I have always been able to pick the payment method I wanted to pay with, and pay for everything that way.

Don't make it more difficult for people to give you their money.


It's a great idea!

A needed feature.


I also need this feature! For example, certain gateway charge a 5% fee just to use them. Using them for small payments is fine but the moment you have a larger payment such as website design fees etc, this charge becomes astronomical and being able to disable the gateway for the website design fee would be perfect. It is a needed feature!!