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Search Customer by Phone number (API) for CRM intergation

Barco shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I love the API! But I can't find a customer's account when they call in. We want to be able to open up a client's account in WHMCS when he calls in for support.

In our use case we want to record tickets by assigning email details to a customer's voicemail ticket.

This is also useful for other things like greeting a client by name because you can actually recognize their most updated telephone number in WHMCS.

Just opening up their profile quickly, allows us to identify at a glance if they have any suspended products or open tickets etc. And this saves time since this will already be open when I start speaking to a customer.

This feature will be very useful for any information

you'd like to gather when a client calls. And even deeper automation if

that's your thing.

For the amount of code required by WHMCS to impliment this it's a small change that saves huge headaches on our end.

At the moment doing this means writing middleware to parse through the whole client list. Because there is no built in way to search by telephone number. So all you get is the entire client list or nothing. And then you have to search through everything.

If you're also interested in deeper integration into your WHMCS vote for this feature.