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Search client account using Phone number in URL

mritunjay shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

It's important for those who are using whmcs as Invoicing system and crm to integrate with dailer.

while doing get or post URL should accept http://yourdomain.com/?phonenumber=123456789 to access phone number specific email account. Also phone number should be unique for on client profile to track any expired or old account.

In current situation we can only search using url http://yourdomain.com/?clientid=1234

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Are you referring to the admin side?

If you are wanting to search a client with a specific phone number, you can do this by going to clients > View/Search Clients and then clicking the "Search/Filter" button and searching by phone number.


No, While integrating with dialer system, Dialer sends the call records with phone number to your crm. currently CRM has the capability of searching only though phone number based on URL. ie. http://yourdomain.com/?clientid=1234

However there is no way we can catch the phone number url string from dialer to search the customer account live on agent screen when they call using the same phone number in the record. i hope you get it.