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Save Mass Mail messages in a history list.

Ozcart Ecommerce shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

When I started using WHMCS, I thought that when composing a Mass Mail message, the "save message" meant that our emails to our clients would be saved. Turns out (as I found out today) it creates a template and saves it in the Email Templates under Setup, which is sort of saving it, but in a strange way. I mean, the message say Tick to save message. How are we supposed to know what it means unless we read the documentation? Save message means to save it, not to be used a template.


1. Please keep the save template feature but first rename it to Save as template.

2. I request that WHMCS adds a history of all messages sent via the Mass Mail Tool, with the date and a button to read our email and a list of recipients. Most billing systems/ecommerce systems have that, I believe.

I'd like to see the list perhaps in Mass Mail Tool, at the bottom or somewhere, showing all previously sent messages. No need to check anything to save a mass mailout, it should just save it there.

There should be a delete button to remove that historical item, should one need to.