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Save a draft email to a client

kaybee57 shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently not seeing an option to SAVE a partly completed (draft save) email to a client - its either 'send message' or 'message preview'.

I regularly use the email option but have to open a new tab to work on something else (and sometimes lose the tab anyway) or save the content elsewhere. The 'Save Message' Feature saves the message but also sends the email in its current form.

Many thanks!

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There is an aoutosave option since version 6.3.

  • Auto-saving - your reply is now saved as you type which coupled with improved session timeout detection helps to ensure you never lose that long reply you've been working on

So you can start writing an email (via the ticket system) and the answer will be saved (locally) even if you leave the page.




WHMCS 6.3.1, been using WHMCS for 4 years for multiple clients, hosting and domains.

Send Email (client summary page) New Message / Go (not sending via ticket system), Type the relevant text and there's no way to save a half created email.

I am not using the ticket system, I create blank emails to clients from that front client profile page but if I don't complete a longish email, forget to save the text separately, lose the open tab - it's gone!

Sorry but I can't see how you can save a long email ready to send at a later date using this method.

Thank you for your response.