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Rounded off hours on invoice

Arthur Jansen shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

I just wanted to create a new invoice for some hours we worked for a cliënt and I noticed that the hours are rounded off to one decimal, while the amount is still calculated in 2 decimals.


I want to invoice 0.25 hours (which isn't strange right? A lot of companies round off their worked hours to 15 minutes) of €67.00 which is €16.75. I can fill this out in 2 decimals when I go to "Add Time Billing Entries", but when I then look at the billable item, it says 0.3 hours is €16.75 (while 0.3 needs to be €20.10 and 0.25 is €16,75).

So it rounds of the hours (which is weird), and then it also shows the wrong amount, because it shows the amount for 0.25.

With kind regards,


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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

The rounding to which you referred is due to a database field condition. This could be customised on your installation by changing the field type of the tblbillableitems.hours field from DECIMAL(5,1) to DECIMAL(5,2).

I wouldn't foresee this changing causing problem in future.