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ResellerPanel Integration

Jacob Bowen shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I believe that having a Module such as the ones for Enom, and ResellerCenter would be very benifishial to the community as a whole. They offer a free Reseller API which allows a person to sell products such as Webhosting, VPS, Even Dedicated services. If this was avalible then a smaller Hosting service, such as my own, would be able to offer more services with out a large over head cost of buying up servers to sell.

Example, My own server is a smaller VPS only large enough for a shared hosting setup, If a Intigration ability of the ResellerPanel API was avalible i would be able to offer diffrent VPS's, Dedicated services, SSL, DNS managment, Ect. Allowing my company to expand its buisness by offering more product.

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It would be a great feature.


It would, and im surpised that this hasn't been addressed before. Searched the forums and have seen others wanting this added for a while now. Exspecially seeing as they provide FREE resell.