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Registrar modules should have activate/deactivate function

Michael shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Registrar modules should have the same activate/deactivate functions like the add-on modules have.

Currently there is no way to detect and intervent if a registrar module is being deactivated. But this would be a useful function, since we need a way to do some DB cleanup, issue a warning if there are active domains with this registrar and so on.

For example: We could create a db-table for the module during getConfigArray (thus knowing that this module is activating), but if our customer decides to drop this registrar, there is no way to detect this, do the cleanup and customer will be enforced to do a delete table with phpmyadmin or other manual solutions. That´s usually a bad idea.

I know there are not so much developer here for this kind of modules, but I hope to find an open ear as this can be done easily without great effort.

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You can activate and deactivate registrars in the same place you activate them (In /admin/configregistrars.php)


You are talking about something different. The request means functions inside the registrar module, which can be used by module developers.


You need to be specific then on what you mean?