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Re-enable Manual Balance Adjustment feature that was removed in 5.2.3

steve shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

It used to be possible to make manual adjustments to the client's credit balance in the Admin Area Client Summary Field. This was removed as of 5.2.3 in favour of a Add Credit/Remove Credit system in the admin area.

Specifically, this change removed the ability to do this:

Case #1418 – Removed arbitrary credit balance edit field and added dedicated Remove Credit option http://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V5.2

The problem with this new approach is that for any WHMCS based businesses that modify the client's pre-paid account balance from external billing sources (such as VoIP billing, in my case, but applies to any non-WHMCS billing against a client's pre-paid credit balance), that modifications must be extensively logged in WHMCS in order to "balance" properly against the transactions on the customer's account and credit log. This is a problem of scale if you do a large amount of billing (i.e. this method does not scale to billing such as VoIP per-call, per-minute billing against the client's account balance).

In my organization's example, when VoIP calls are billed, since it is done in real time there are occasional errors, so we have written a nightly report that checks the account balance in WHMCS vs. what the actual transactions and credits are in each user's WHMCS account to ensure that they add up. We then check our VoIP Call Logs and add up the billing in there against that customer to ensure that the remaining balance in WHMCS is correct.

This all gets emailed to an Admin user in a report that we then use to decide on a per-user basis whether or not to adjust the client's credit balance manually (i.e. we decide if it was a WHMCS error, a VoIP billing error, or some database error that happened, and decide whether or not it truly was a billing error or merely a reporting error). With the new system, adjusting a client's credit will create transaction log entries against that client, which throws off the accuracy of our automated checking in the future of this customer's transactions (because the adjustments will appear as actual credit adjustments in the customer's credit log when in fact we are just correcting database / calculation errors that are the result of concurrent, micro billing against the customer's account balance).

We like to do these adjustments manually, to verify them before we make them (prudent billing practice). We do not feel it is valid for WHMCS to log these simple database corrections as they are not actual transactions or credits occurring. We do not feel it is valid to make us have to manually edit the SQL database either to do these fine adjustments (sometimes pennies) to a customer's credit balance.

When WHMCS developers made the above change in the change log they did not consider VoIP billing systems or external billing against the WHMCS credit balance field, which is short sighted and needs to be corrected now.

I propose: manual credit balance adjustments in the Admin Area client summary details page are re-instated, but are disabled by default using the WHMCS Admin permissions system.

That way, it is not confusing to users who do not know that they "should not" be using the manual adjustment balance field, but it still allows advanced adminstrators of WHMCS who know the ramifications of what they are doing and still need to do so, to do so.

I again apologize for the detail and length of this explanation and feature request. Thank you for your time.

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Yes they should put back it was more easy then now


Count me in to wanting this back. I deleted a duplicate transcation without realizing that it wouldn't fix the balance. Luckily, I'm the one who has database access, so fixing it was simple enough, but I shouldn't have to dig through the database.