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Quote status for stage past accepted.

Thom Heemstra shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

It'd be nice, if a quote was accepted and when the work or products have been delivered, that the status could change to one step further. Something like: "Invoiced", or "Done".

This way the filter for valid quotes would only show active quotes that are not done yet.

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I'd really just like the ability to set the values in the Status drop down to whatever I want. I can see how to change the values in the database and language file, but the actual code is hard coded and obfuscated so it's impossible to update the values in the status menu.


Custom stages would be very helpful. Quotes go through an approval process not just with the client but the sales agent as well. Being able to have not just stages but notifications would be nice. Or a way to link a quote to a ticket so you can follow along and ask/answer questions.