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Prorata Billing Calculation

shadowhand shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

The current Prorata Billing calculation is a bit off.


Prorata Date = 1

Charge Next Month = 1

A configurable option at $4.99 billed on the 8th is $3.86 and if 3 are ordered it is $11.59. The math is not adding up because the calculation is actually...

3 * $4.99 (on the 8th) = $0.160967741935 [amount per day] * 24 [days left in the 31 day month] * 3 [quantity]

It should be...

item = $0.160967741935 [amount per day] * 24 [days left in the 31 day cycle] rounded to the $0.01

prorata = item * 3 [quantity]

prorata should equal $11.58

The current method can not be undone from a financial point of view. Three items that total $11.59 can not be equally divided.