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Propose domain renewal to existing customers registered elsewhere

Gus shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I would like to see a configurable option to notify and up sell domain renewal to existing customers using a different registrar. This feature will track domain expiration for all domains on all servers registered with WHMCS and notify each customer even if registered elsewhere according to host defined schedule of upcoming renewal.

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WHMCS should has such option by default, Many hosting companies want this feature. Domain name OK, can send reminders, But Hosting Product only sends invoice. About Hosting Renewal module by MG, this product will damage your Database, Modifies all your products next due date and nextinvoicedate.


Yup, i came in to log this exact request, its nice i'm not the only one who wants it. I currently manually put a reminder in my crm for customers who are registered elsewhere.