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Promotions apply only to configurable options (upgraded hard drives, memory, etc)

James shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

The current promotions feature only allows discounting off the whole package. We would like to change that, especially for those who sell dedicated servers or custom hosting packages. The idea behind the change is this:

Lets say you run a promotion for customers that gets them a free second hard drive with purchase of a dedicated server. Well normally you may charge say, 10$ for that extra basic drive. The current promo system will only discount the package down instead of the add-on, which can cause issues if the coupon code gets compromised. Since we are currently unable to require certain conditions on the promo, theres no way for the system to know if the promo code should be applied to the deal or not. If someone orders a dedicated server, without that second hard drive, then uses the coupon code, the system applies the discount, even though conditions of the coupon code were not met.

So the changes that would be helpful are:

Allow admins to choose which package to apply the discount to, then have a check box that says something to the effect of: apply only to package add-on/configurable options. If the box is ticked, a second box appears with the configurable options/add-on's available for the base package. Then you can select which add-ons/configurable options you wish to discount. This way if someone attempts to use the coupon code without having the required add-ons/configurable options selected, the system rejects the use of the coupon code preventing fraud.

Hope this is helpful. I tried to explain it as best as possible.