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Projects / Tasks Priority on Project Managment

Roe Shalom shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


it's Pretty Basic to projects / tasks / Milestones (when have...) to have Priority (low / medium / high / Urgent)

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Please vote for it :)


As you know, priorities are important in any project management technique that I can think of.

I was looking at the interfaces available in the Project Management Addon and I couldn't find a way to sort tasks by priority.

Opening a ticket, WHMCS asked me to open a request in here.

I believe this topic is close enough to what I would like to see included in the Project Management Addon.

As I cannot think of any project management methodology that do not prioritize one way or the other tasks to be completed, this feature is a must have.


Priority labels are nice. but if we hade sorting of tasks and even projects, we may not need labels.