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Project management - Specify hourly rate on a per currency basis

Tim Hallgren shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


The hourly rate within the project management addon needs updating.

In our environment our standard currency is DKK (Danish Krones) and I therefore set the hourly rate for 750,- exclusive vat (25%) and then expected it to be DKK.

Let's say you are doing a project for a customer using GPD (£) as default currency.

When you then create the the bill using the "bill for task time entries" it created the bill using the 750,- hourly rate as GBP (£) and not DKK. So the price just changed from DKK 750,- to 7500,- (converted from GBP (£)).

We therefore like to request to be able to setup the hourly rate using the default currency setting, and then the system should automatically convert the price to the assigned default currency for the customer, just like the products.

If I do a project i need to check the customers default currency before creating the bill using the auto bill task time function and then either change the default hourly rate for each project or create the invoice manually to ensure the proper conversion from DKK to the customer selected currency.

I look forward to get this feature.

In the attached screenshot you can see the hourly rate I have typed in and the bill the customer got for 2 hours and 39 min work time within the test project which gave an invoice on £1993.97 GBP.

In short :

You should have the possibility to see the active currency for the customer you are working on and also an option to type in the selected currency rate which the system then would automatically convert to the currency the customer had chosen.

The current auto bill system will only work if you only use one currency but not when using multiple currency.

  • Tim