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Product pricing automation for resellers

Russ Michaels shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

A lot of us resell products and services, and in these cases your price is based on your provider/vendor pricing.

If your provider/vendor puts their prices up, then you have a hell of a job going through all your customers updating all their recurring prices on all their products.

It would be useful if you could set your prices automatically based on a percentage and have it update automatically.

So lets say your cost is $50 for example.

You set your price = cost + 20%

And this is what customers get billed.

If your cost price increases, then when you change it in WHMCS, all your customers recurring invoices get updated automatically,

In fact I would say the auto re-calculate recurirng invoices is somehting that could be done all on products as long as the original price has not been overridden.